Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Honey
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How do you tell if you have a good oil?

Color and Clarity

Green oil is typically a result of green olives, gathered before aging. It’s very prized in a few circles. Brilliant yellow olive oil is by and large the result of olives that have been permitted to age longer. Both green and brilliant yellow oils can be additional virgin oils. Greek Olive oil can likewise be shady on the off chance that it has not settled. This isn’t really a sign of low quality.

Taste and Smell

Obviously, you can’t open a jug or tin in the market and take a sniff or a taste before you purchase an olive oil, yet you can tell a considerable measure from its taste and smell after you get it home. An unpleasant or sharp taste for the most part shows that the olives weren’t ready yet when they were picked. Oil produced using ready olives has a gentle, fruity taste. Taste is totally a matter of inclination and oils produced using both unripened and aged olives have wide interest. In the event that an olive oil notices awful, don’t utilize it. Rancidity can be caused by oxidation. This is the most widely recognized purpose for an awful stench. The oil will have a scent like earth.

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