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How do we recognize a good olive oil & how to preserve it fresh.

How do we recognize a good olive oil & how to preserve it fresh

How do we recognize a good olive oil & how to preserve it fresh.

 A good olive oil is recognized mainly by its taste. We explain why an “Extra virgin” olive oil is the best type of oil and how you can preserve it fresh.

A good olive oil can be recognized mainly by its taste.
When we try a good olive oil (plain, not in bread), It will have to fill our mouth first with a nice feeling that reminds the fruit of the unripe or mature olive and then slowly a burning in the throat, along with a bitterness in the mouth.

If olive oil is produced from mature olives, we will feel less burning in the throat and the feeling in the mouth will be similar to the taste of a mature healthy olive.

We should not confuse the beautiful light burning on the throat that is offered to us by an “extra virgin” oil with the intense burn that we will feel by tasting a tangled olive oil.

With other types of olive oil, our mouth will be filled with a nasty, negative flavour that is not related to the gentle flavour of the extra virgin olive oil.

Why should we choose “extra virgin” olive oil.
Paragraph: An olive oil that does not write “extra virgin” olive oil in its bottle is an indication that it is not a natural product.

An “extra virgin” oil is the natural juice of the olive. If an olive oil is not “extra virgin” that means it has undergone some chemical procedures to make it edible.

You can track those types of olive oils with the indication in the bottle like “classic” or “simple” olive oil.

How to preserve your olive oil fresh.

Depending on the quality of the oil and on how it was made, extra virgin olive oil in a sealed bottle may last from 3 months to 2 years.

We have to know that we are dealing with a very sensitive product, which has three great enemies, the moment it comes out of the mill: air (oxygen), light and temperature, so to keep it fresh, olive oil should be stored in a suitable container (glass or stainless steel) filled up so that there is no air, no light (dark bottles or stainless steel and less galvanized) and the temperature does not exceed 20 degrees, (ideal 15C).

The retention time of olive oil depends on whether the above conditions are met and how rich this olive oil is to antioxidant substances, ie polyphenols – those that make it spicy in the throat and bitter in the mouth.

A good, strong, olive oil under ideal conditions can be maintained for 24 months.

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